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Inspired to paint ...

Hundreds of years ago - well, actually, in 1978 - I joined the Wedgwood Art Society, in my home town in England. This was my inspiration and motivation to paint.

I started painting in acrylics and have never moved from this amazingly versatile medium.

In the early days I painted onto anything I could find - acrylics are good for that. I used sheets of wood, cardboard, canvas board, ceramics, shapes made from Plaster of Paris and I was quite adventurous with my approach. I now use stretched canvas or canvas board, and occasionally wood panels.

I have exhibited with the likes of Jiri Borsky, Derek Brownsword, Jan Zalud, and Elsie Cheeseman. I've attended workshops at the Newlyn School of Art.

I draw inspiration from my favourite artists, the great outdoors, the seaside, and the special landscape of The Potteries of North Staffordshire. My family, too, is a constant inspiration. My mother was a free hand pottery painter, my sister specialises in Chinese Brush Painting and my wife, Pam, who draws, is a constant encouragement.


White Flowers
White Fantasticals

Two Huts