ART from TW

Original paintings in acrylics.

In 1978 I joined the Wedgwood Pottery Art Society, Barlaston, England, and started painting in acrylics. I painted on anything I could find; acrylics are good for that. I used sheets of wood, cardboard, canvas board, ceramics, shapes made from Plaster of Paris and I was quite adventurous with my approach. I exhibited with the Society together with the likes of Jiri Borsky, Derek Brownsword, Jan Zalud, and Elsie Cheeseman. I really enjoyed it.

But then many other activities got in the way. I stopped painting for a while and got deeply involved with the local history of The Potteries, Gladstone Pottery Museum, the Last Bottle Oven Firing and the North Staffs Symphony Orchestra.

I recently took to the easel once more, again with acrylics. I am experimenting with a variety of styles and I’m influenced by a number of artists; Reginald Haggar, David Barnes, Sir Kyffin Williams, Katie Jobling, Rob Pointon, Arthur Berry, Steve Capper, Paul Martinez-Frias, Jiri Borsky, to name but a few.

I also draw inspiration from my family and The Potteries. My mother was a free hand pottery painter, my sister specialises in Chinese Brush Painting and my wife, Pam, who draws, is a constant encouragement. The landscape of Stoke-on-Trent and the love of the local industry always provides a source of ideas.

So here I am offering some of my work for sale. Hope you like it!  Here>

Some paintings are for sale. Please enquire using the contact form or go to the ARTfromTW at the ETSY Shop

White Flowers
Inspired by David Barnes

A Pot of Poinsettia

Lilies on a curtain
Inspired by Sanderson

Blue Fuzzys
Inspired by Paul Martinez Frias and David Barnes

White Fantasticals
Inspired by Paul Martinez Frias and David Barnes

Crazy Dazy No.2

Potbank in Abstract No.1
Inspired by the landscape of The Potteries

Potbank in Abstract No.2
Inspired by the landscape of The Potteries

Potbank in Abstract No.3 The Fires Within
Inspired by the Landscape of The Potteries