Favourite Artists

Reginald G Haggar

1905 - 1988. R.I., A.R.C.A., F.R.S.A. A significant British ceramic designer. He was born in Ipswich and studied at Ipswich School of Art and the Royal College of Art. In 1929, he became assistant designer at Mintons pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, rising to art director six months later. After leaving Mintons, he became Master-in-Charge of the Stoke School of Art to 1941 and then of Burslem School of Art until 1945. Thereafter he was a freelance artist and lecturer in the Potteries area. He painted many pictures of the north Staffordshire area.
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Reginald G Haggar
Reginald G Haggar

Rob Pointon

Rob enjoys exploring ways of recreating scenes from his own direct experience. He has an uncompromising approach to every painting that he undertakes whether it be a landscape, a cityscape an urban commission or a life class studio portrait. His strong commitment to painting en plain air with a minimum of studio finishing shows in the finished works which have freshness and vitality.

Rob Pointon  Grand Central Terminus New York
Rob Pointon - Grand Central Terminus, New York 2013

Arthur Berry

7 February 1925 – 4 July 1994 . An English playwright, poet, teacher and artist, who was born in Smallthorne, Stoke-on-Trent. At the age of 14 he enrolled at the Burslem School of Art. Despite a rebellious start there, he came under the care of Gordon Mitchell Forsyth (1879–1952), director of art education and a successful pottery designer. Berry gained a place at the Royal College of Art. His individual creative work became deeply rooted in the culture, people and landscape of the industrial pottery town of Burslem.

Arthur Berry Drunken Man
Arthur Berry - Drunken Man

Norman Cope                
Born 29 June 1925, Cope was a young Potteries artist tragically killed in 1943 after a fall on the staircase of Burslem School of Art. He was considered by his peers to be the most talented of the pupils.
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Norman Cope  Burslem School of Art
Norman Cope - Burslem School of Art

Jiri Borsky

Jiri has exhibited widely. Over 1,750 of his works are in many collections in Britain, Europe, North America and elsewhere.

Jiri Borsky
Jiri Borsky

Paul Martinez-Frias
Born in Hertfordshire in 1929, father from Almeria (Andalucia) Spain, mother from The Wirral.
Formative years in English Prep school. Moved to Wales in 1975 to become fully committed to painting.

Paul Martinez-Frias
Paul Martinez-Frias 

David A Hunt

Prefers working with soft pastel on velour or sanded surface paper that enables the pastel to be built up in a vibrant and direct way. Also oils and more recently acrylic. Seeks unusual situations and scenes to be an inspiration for many of his paintings.

David Hunt
David Hunt

David Hunt
David Hunt

David Barnes

David was born in Africa and spent his early childhood there. He qualified as a chartered accountant and spent most of his working life in professional practice. Although David Barnes enjoyed art at school and has been an art collector for many years, it was not until he retired in 2006 that he began to paint seriously. His earliest days as a painter was very much shaped by the goal of emulating the Welsh artist Kyffin Williams. However, he soon became fascinated by the art work of other Welsh artists and the work of the French Impressionists.

David Barnes Still Life Flowers

Steve Capper

Capper attended Manchester’s High School of Art, in 1955, at the age of 11 followed by the Manchester College of Art in 1962 and then Bretton Hall College in 1965. He then went on to have a prolific career in the Arts. As the head of a large art faculty in an Oldham comprehensive school, Steve taught painting for thirty years. He then took early retirement in 1996, to concentrate on producing his own work. Steve both lives and works near Oldham, in the Pennines, and these hills have had a major influence on his work. The hills and valleys, together with the man made environs, produce simple, individual shapes, which combine to form more complex images.

Steve Capper Hay Time