Terry's Booklist

Privies and Water Closets

by David Eveleigh

Although Thomas Crapper is most commonly associated with the invention of the flushing toilet, his models were in fact the result of a long line of improvements to earlier designs which date back to ancient times. This book is an ideal introduction to the history of the toilet, tracing its development from the primitive - and very smelly - privy maiden to today's one-piece, all-ceramic WC. Illustrated with superb photographs, this book tells the story of the lavatory, from the Elizabethan era to the modern day.

Bogs, Baths and Basins

by David Eveleigh

This book takes a chronological look at the story of sanitation. With the aid of new research, the David Eveleigh briefly uncovers the early rather primitive sanitation devices, such as cesspits and urban dung heaps, and moves on to describe the advances that came with the onslaught of developing technology from the 17th to the 20th century. Victorian developments in water supply and the growth of piping and steam-powered pumps finally led to the comparative comforts of today. The progression of baths and washbasins is also followed, with evidence of their practicality rising as they became fixed, rather than moveable, eventually resulting in the arrival of the en-suite bathroom of in the 19th century. Featuring first-hand accounts and evidence from diaries and contemporary records, this book traces the history of inventions that have affected everyone throughout history.

Temples of Convenience          

by Lucinda Lambton

The Romans were the first to establish bathing in Britain, but after they had gone, the principle of cleanliness disappeared for 1000 years. Public bathhouses were reintroduced into Britain by the Crusaders, and remained until the reign of Henry VIII. It was in the 1800's that England began to produce an array of baths, wcs and wash basins. Today, bathroom design focuses upon the luxurious. This book contains over 150 images and captions on the designs the author has discovered. They include baths with hoods, baths decorated with shells, cherubs and leaves, lavatories entwined with acorns, swags and flowers, and designs in the shape of lions and dolphins.

Thomas Crapper. The real Crapper Story

by Richard E Doughty

Based on extensive research into the life and times of Thomas Crapper, Sanitary Engineer By Appointment to His Majesty The King. This book examines Crapper's Yorkshire roots, meteoric career, patents and designs placing them in context with his contemporaries whilst tracking the development of T Crapper & Co from the 1800s to the present day, including a surprising connection between Thomas Crapper & Co and Chelsea Football Club. THE REAL CRAPPER STORY is the most complete biography to date of the iconic figure Thomas Crapper, King of the Bathroom, featuring family photographs and many images from his 1895 Catalogue.